You know the feeling. You hop on your bike, get going, and as the speedometer starts climbing, you suddenly start feeling a lot colder than you originally thought it was outside.

Despite the thermometer reading 70 degrees, it feels like it’s in the 50s. What’s up with that?

When riding a motorcycle, the temperature you experience is a full 12 degrees less than what the thermometer reads as soon as you hit 30 mph!

For every 10 mph that your speed increases from there, you’ll drop another 2 degrees.

While it might seem like a beautiful day for a ride in 70-degree weather with cloudless skies, you don’t want to go out without the proper gear.

Here’s a quick 101 of what you should ride with to make up for that inevitable  temperature drop:

Gloves: The PU Leather Rechargeable Winter Battery Heating Gloves will keep your hands warm no matter the weather. You can utilize the electric heating technology within the gloves or just the material itself to shield your hands.

Body: Take care of your body too! Invest in the Electric USB Heated Down Vest. You can wear it in all weather conditions and not worry about ever being too hot or too cold.


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